March 28, 2020

This  Compost

Something startles me where I thought I was safest,

I withdraw from the still woods I loved,

I will not go now on the pastures to walk,

I will not strip the clothes from my body to meet my lover the sea,

I will not touch my flesh to the earth as to other flesh to renew me.

O how can it be that the ground itself does not sicken?

How can you be alive you growths of spring?

How can you furnish health you blood of herbs, roots, orchards, grain?

Are they not continually putting distemper’d corpses within you?

Is not every continent work’d over and over with sour dead?

Where have you disposed of their carcasses?

Those drunkards and gluttons of so many generations?

Where have you drawn off all the foul liquid and meat?

I do not see any of it upon you to-day, or perhaps I am deceiv’d,

I will run a furrow with my plough,

I will press my spade through the sod and turn it up underneath,

I am sure I shall expose some of the foul meat.

Behold this compost! behold it well!

Perhaps every mite has once form’d part of a sick person—yet behold!

The grass of spring covers the prairies,

The bean bursts noiselessly through the mould in the garden,

The delicate spear of the onion pierces upward,

The apple-buds cluster together on the apple-branches,

The resurrection of the wheat appears with pale visage out of its graves,

The tinge awakes over the willow-tree and the mulberry-tree,

The he-birds carol mornings and evenings while the she-birds sit on their nests,

The young of poultry break through the hatch’d eggs,

The new-born of animals appear, the calf is dropt from the cow, the colt from the mare,

Out of its little hill faithfully rise the potato’s dark green leaves,

Out of its hill rises the yellow maize-stalk, the lilacs bloom in the dooryards,

The summer growth is innocent and disdainful above all those strata of sour dead.

What chemistry!

That the winds are really not infectious,

That this is no cheat, this transparent green-wash of the sea which is so amorous after me,

That it is safe to allow it to lick my naked body all over with its tongues,

That it will not endanger me with the fevers that have deposited themselves in it,

That all is clean forever and forever,

That the cool drink from the well tastes so good,

That blackberries are so flavorous and juicy,

That the fruits of the apple-orchard and the orange-orchard,

that melons, grapes, peaches, plums, will none of them poison me,

That when I recline on the grass I do not catch any disease,

Though probably every spear of grass rises out of what was once a catching disease.

Now I am terrified at the Earth, it is that calm and patient,

It grows such sweet things out of such corruptions,

It turns harmless and stainless on its axis, with such endless successions of diseas’d corpses,

It distills such exquisite winds out of such infused fetor,

It renews with such unwitting looks its prodigal, annual, sumptuous crops,

It gives such divine materials to men, and accepts such leavings from them at last.

Walt  Whitman

March 22, 2020

The  Great  Purification

David  Barnes

March 22, 2020  Salmon Arm, B.C.

i'm not talking out loud. i'm talking

to the ears of your spirit.

remember what i've said. tomorrow

i'll say openly what i'm saying tonight


This is the Day — this is the Cycle — these are the days of the Great Purification. It began decades ago, and this is another beginning, and we may welcome it and know that all is well. Be clear. Be healthy. Be strong. Be radiant. Be assured. Feel and extend great compassion for all, as current events around the world are faced by many people with stark realism as the unreality and un-sustainability of the way of the world hits home and hits hard everywhere. In the midst of these colossal events, listen: “All nature sings while round me rings the music of the spheres.” The wonder of the living world stands in great contrast to the disintegrating illusory world created on the surface of this Shekinah-crafted, luminous, blue-green globe embedded within the rhythmic, shimmering, golden Solar Whole. All things are being made new in every moment of every day. We now have increased opportunity to become conscious and totally accepting of this phase of the Great Purification Cycle which has opened and is now becoming more visible and apparent to everyone everywhere. Most of the cycle is invisible, and the clothing for it is ever changing, and so we may dress in new robes, made new every day, moving with it in this perfect Day — this time in which we live.

Social distancing has become the way of the world, all over the world — but in the midst I am caused to think of the reality of sacred space, and in the vastness of universal substance, known between Angels — not emphasizing the distance but the connection that is present and pulsing with life in the sacred space that lies between and within us all. Events unfolding around the world are but a beginning evidence of much greater unveiling which will come over the days and months and years ahead, a period of what has been called intensified tribulation. Martin Cecil wrote of it this way, back on April  28, 1974: “Tribulation, it was called; not that there hasn’t been a lot of tribulation all down the ages — but a very specific, intensified focalization of it, that it may be finished, that the agony may not have to continue on and on as it has over the past thousands of years. Our concern is with the victory, with the Tone, with the breath of life, with Shekinah, with the Christ, the coming of the Christ — the coming of the Christ in the experience of human beings, the glory of the Lord shining round about once again.”

Those who know these things have the privilege, the wondrous opportunity, and the great responsibility to share in a vibrational intensification of Love and the assurance it brings — Love which makes all things new in sacred space maintained — while at the same time being vividly conscious of the sadness and loss and bewilderment that is present all around, feelings which are natural in such circumstances as these now appearing in the world. But the joy and buoyancy of Life itself may over-light all such sadness, in the face of the action of Spirit which is now making all things new. There is no stopping this process of transformation, leading to eventual transmutation of everything now generally accepted as immutable and believed to be real and lasting forever. We participate in One Life, one Breath, one Spiritual Body as we move in the Way of Love. Opportunity for radiant giving and receiving abounds, and surrounds us all.

Our human capacities of consciousness have been honed for Angelic emergence and expression, for these times and for the vibrational action that is required now. Once again we can acknowledge — as we have so often in times gone by — that these are the days for which we, as Angels, have long worked and served. We have been here before. We are here once again, now, by design and with purpose. These are the climactic times which call forth our realized vibrational attunement with the Universal Tone of Love and Light and Life. In these days where the emphasis is on social distancing, we have the wonder of knowing the vastness of Sacred Space, and the vibrational substance that fills the space between us all — the substance of Oneness, the substance of Love, which speaks the words — Be still and know that I am here and know that all is well.

A friend sent me these words yesterday: “Be at peace knowing that this message brings a message of hope and inspiration and send it out in waves of light and love for all those who are fearful and experiencing this uncertainty. Thus you become a part of sustaining the vibration of the genesis of light for the emergence of the new reality. We encourage you not to be short-sighted by engaging in illusions but to open your consciousness to the gifts and the power of love. Forgiveness is the key and gratitude the alchemy that shifts consciousness from duality and chaos into love and harmony. Be aware of the impact greed has had on the ecosystem, forgive it and let it go. Please do not feel the collective guilt. Or certainly if you feel it transform it with love and let it go. You personally are not destroying your world. When you choose love you are helping to create the New Heaven, New Earth. Have compassion for those who are still living in the illusion of separation and fear. You will realize that you are able to manifest the new reality. They will in time, sooner than what you can imagine. When you realize the change you become an active part of the energetics of change that quickens the collective reality shift. You are doing your part by being positive, having faith and inspiring hope. You are doing your part by choosing love.”

Don Hynes wrote and shared this poem yesterday

Clear Sky  Open Heaven

Time to wake up,

arise and join the earth

in the vast lift

of all things

good and holy.

Not to another plane

or mirage of belief,

but to the here and now

clear sky moment

of life indivisible.

Broken hearts un-parted,

tattered dreams re-mended,

the long awaited sun bright day

of earth’s recreation.

So, as Don sings and weaves in tender, clear-sky words, this is a long-awaited sun-bright Day, full of all things good and holy. None of these outer changes really come as a surprise, and at some levels they are not such a big deal — and yet they are! So much is now passing away. So many people are experiencing tribulation and sorrow, under this same clear sky and open heaven, on this same sun-bright day. It must be reminded and remembered that we have been warned. The signs of the times have been vivid and clear, impossible to ignore, actually. The prophets have spoken clearly in our lifetime, and their Word has carried the signature of God Almighty, incarnate in this Day in human form. Speaking for myself, I have been vividly aware for over 50 years that these days were coming — this Day of Great Purification. I remember my old spiritual teacher, who had been a monk with Yogananda in California in the 1940’s, telling me as a young man in the early 1970s that Yogananda told him that the coming disruptions would make the depression of the 1930s look like a honeymoon. And, long before that I had had my own apocalyptic visions of great disruption and cataclysm and huge social, spiritual transformation. I have been psychologically and spiritually prepared for these things for a long, long time  and so have you  and here they come! And every day will bring new transformations and new things to meet in the spirit of assurance that I am with you always, even unto the end of this out-moded, out-dated, way-behind-the-times, man-made, mind-made, world of illusion and delusion and slavery to the god of hate and lies and death. The world of death is dying. All that lives, lives always. Love and Truth give birth to Life. Love is all around. Truth is universal. Life is eternal. I am Life. Life cannot die. I am alive forevermore. Life is guiding the way, as we move together through this Cycle of Great Purification. For this cause came I — came we — to this hour.

Recall these words from the Bhagavad Gita, the Song Celestial.

Thou grievest where no grief should be

Thou speakest words lacking wisdom

For the wise in heart

Mourn not for those that live, nor those that die.

Nor I, nor thou, nor any one of these,

Ever was not, nor ever will not be,

For ever and for ever afterwards.

All, that doth live, lives always!

To man's frame

As there come infancy and youth and age,

So come there raisings-up and layings-down

Of other and of other life-abodes,

Which the wise know, and fear not.

This that irks —

Thy outer-life, thrilling to the elements —

Bringing thee heat and cold, sorrows and joys,

'Tis brief and mutable! Bear with it, Prince!

As the wise bear.

The soul which is not moved,

The soul that with a strong and constant calm

Takes sorrow and takes joy with equal peace,

Lives in the life undying!

That which is can never cease to be;

That which is not will not exist.

To see this truth of both

Is theirs who part essence from accident,

Substance from shadow.

Indestructible, learn thou! the Life is,

Spreading life through all;

It cannot anywhere, by any means,

Be anywise diminished, stayed, or changed.

But these fleeting frames, which it informs

With Spirit deathless, endless, infinite,

They perish.

Let them perish, Prince!

Life cannot slay. Life is not slain!

Never the Spirit was born;

The Spirit shall cease to be never;

Never was time it was not;

End and Beginning are dreams!

Birthless and deathless and changeless

Remaineth the Spirit for ever;

Death hath not touched it at all,

Dead though the house of it seems!

We must wisely use our time and substance and capacities for the generation of the substance of Life more abundant, at Most High levels of creation, now. Drawn deeply into the richly woven and finely textured embrace with the Cosmic Beloved, eternally linked at spirit/soul levels, breathing Sacred Fire in harmony across time and space — great surging waves of luminous, magnetic and radiant energy blend us together in all ways that deeply satisfy the Divine creative urge arising in the moment to find fulfillment in the multidimensional expression and manifestation of Love. This is where the Ascending Fire comes to focus and union at the highest point of blending and worship. Know this Eternal Reality. This is freedom. This is the nature of eternal Angelic Being and blending. We are free in this creative Fire. Our union intensifies the radiation of Love in the earth and in the substance of the One Heart, the Shared Heart of the One Body of Being. What is rising in me and in you is allowed to rest and be energized in union so that new conception may occur, allowing the birth of new forms from out of the Living Womb which we have created and now sustain together. This is sacred intercourse between Angels. Now we are free to create in this way, without fetters or bonds or impositions, in a constant consciousness of the sacred responsibility to let Love radiate, buoyed upon and within a sea of Love substance, always listening close for every changing rhythm in the music which flows from the Heart of the Living God moving in harmony with that rhythm and enjoying the sacred dance we dance from incarnation to incarnation. We live and breathe Shekinah Fire, Blended Light and Everlasting Glory.

now each day

i hear that thunderous voice

speak clearly

and show the way of oneness

and when i look at you

i see my own reflected brightness

streaming from your eyes

radiant face of me shines back from you

oneness is the given gift

oneness is the blessing received

in thanksgiving to the creator

of every dawning day


March 13, 2020

Change  Can  Come  in  the  Twinkling  of  An  Eye

Lark Batteau arrived in Findhorn in 1971 and started the New Troubadours

and brought more singing and dancing into the community.

"Change can come in the twinkling of an eye."

It was a sentence Eileen Caddy, one of the Findhorn founders, often said.

Lark took it and created this song!

Change can come in the twinkling of an eye,

In the ripple upon a lake.

Change can come in the color of a flower,

In the sparkle of morning dew,

When the Light catches you.

In that tiny moment, you are transformed.

And the radiance of Christ

Shines forth in reply

From within, and has made itself known,

And from the two is born

A new world.

Come, let us join

Our many golden flickering

And create one Light,